5 Ways To Make Water Exciting To Drink And Healthier

Water is an essential for us to survive. But admit it, there are times where drinking water gets boring like you want something exciting to drink but also want it to be healthy. There are so many ways to turn an ordinary water to something you’d want to drink every minute.


Here are 5 DIY (do-it-yourself) ideas to excite you to drink water every minute:


  1. Pineapple-Mint-Ginger Water — A tropical taste to your taste buds with this water. Pick up your favourite tumbler, fill it with water, slice small pieces of pineapples, grab a mint leaf and granulate an ample amount of ginger then put it all in your tumbler filled with water, wait for at least 15-30 minutes then tada! Start drinking your tropical flavoured water and enjoy!

  2. Strawberry-Cucumber Water — Wanting a healthy lifestyle requires strict discipline. So if you want a refreshing summer cocktail make this water instead! Prepare 2-4 slices of fresh strawberries and cucumber, add to it your water then a healthy and refreshing summer cocktail (water) is ready for you. No booze needed to satisfy your cravings, plus it’s very much good for you!

  3. Minty Watermelon Water — Planning a backyard get-together with friends? This water is perfect for you! Grab a pitcher, fill it with cold water, add a few mint leaves and 4-6 dice-sliced watermelon then your healthy refreshment is ready to be served!

  4. Lemon-Cucumber-Ginger Water — This is a common healthy water for those who want to achieve their desired fit and healthy body. Add 2 slices of lemon, 3 slices of cucumber and an ample amount of grated ginger to your tumbler filled with water and feel the healthiness kick in as you drink this water.

  5. Orange-Fennel Water — Want a touch of sophistication even to your water? Then this naturally flavoured water is for you! Grab an aromatic fennel stalks and 3 slices of orange, mixed them in your favourite tumbler full of water then a touch of sophistication is served. Stay classy and healthy drinking this water!


Water itself is the safest and healthiest beverage there is, but adding a few flavour and vitamins the fruits contain isn’t so bad, in fact it may be so good for you. Choosing a healthy lifestyle requires discipline especially when we’re surrounded with tempting fast foods, junk foods, juices and sodas. We’re in charge of our own body, what happens to it is a reflection what we eat or drink or how we take of ourselves. We only live once, but if we live it the right way then once is enough.

Beauty & Brain: The downfall of a makeup to women of color

Even if not everyone is using it, but makeup is prevalent to women these days, which is not unusual as there are many rising products of artificial aesthetic medium to build the confidence of women.

Yes, I agree that the sole purpose of a makeup is to emphasize the color of a woman is to turn it into a gorgeous and to enhance the flawlessness, but what if I’ll tell you that makeup won’t do the same effect and result to those women who have different body color, because they are afraid of something?

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Thanks to the innovation machinery we have right now, our very own makeup has been evolutionize to have different shades of color to be appropriate to those women with color. Surprisingly, as soon as they are available online or even at a street shop, they are sold out within the 24-hour period only.

It has been decades or even centuries that the  makeup industry has been avoiding the women of color as one of their consumers. The reason is that business of this type of field are actually afraid to risk their product as what the say that darker shades would be not profitable and could bring the company to bankruptcy.

However thanks to most of the Fenty’s makeup industry, they have stopped this racist notion and offered different types of makeup that would be accessible to all without any discrimination as an end to a nonsense  myth before.

Though, they are offering many shades of makeup, let us face the fact that most of the shades are for the pale skin and there are only limited colors to choose from the darker skin. According to a beauty specialist, it is not hard to find the right color that perfectly suits you by the use of your undertone, it is actually true, but for those women with color that has a darker shade of skin, well. That’s more difficult.

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